sábado, 14 de abril de 2007


The fourth unit is about food it likes to much because I talked about my favorite cookies and I bring my cookies with everybody.

I don't like To cook too much but sometimes. I get in to the kitchen and I prepare some specially food for example I can prepare chocolate cookies. I only need one cup Of floor one cup Of sugar one two eggs I put all this in a boil and I add some priced Of chocolate and then I put in the oven for half an hour or twenty minutes and finally I get delicious cookies.

The house

The third unit likes me because it makes to me to think about the good and bag things that my house has and what I need to get better.

Modern apartment are not so bigger that old apartment. They only have two bedrooms and a little denims room-living, Old apartment's used to have there bedroom two bathrooms and the living and denim room were bigger than now are some of then had two garages and big windows now we don't have spacious enough there isn't enough closet spacious so, I think that old apartment were bright enough and spacious enough for a convenient spacious so they are not so comfortable but it's cost is too height.

I would like to have a change in my apartment because it isn't so comfortable it's too old would like to get a modern door and windows my bathroom must be spacious enough and bring ht and it must have a jacuzzi. My bedroom too big and change its floor naught moderm ceramic. And I would like to have two garage spaces.

I would like to have a big and beautiful house in the north of the city. It must have two plants f0ur bedrooms a study room a big kitchen A big bathroom with a jacuzzi and a diving room with big and modern windows I would like that my house had a swimming pool and a beautiful grader with many flowers.


In the second unit we learned about the problems me to know the more important problems of my city the good and bad things. it Ho.

Dear Mr. Jean Carlos DI martin.
I have been living in this city for many years I think it's a beautiful city in spite of it's hot weather. But it has a little problem that make it so dangerous that problems is the insecurity in our city. We can't enjoy a special day out wit hour something wrong happens out in the street: I think it must so more protection by the police people spend much money the impost they would get more security in the street. There must be more vigilance in order to take care people outside. So in this way we can enjoy beautiful day in our city.


The eight unit is about a holy week it likes me because its a date that I have to stay with my family and rest I enjoy it very much.

The holly week
Holly week weeks is a week when we used to commemorate the death of lord. People in Venezuelan used to go to the beach, or the mountains other used to stay at home and rest some of then visit the churches on Thursday and Friday many people take those days. As a reflex ion on this life don't use to go to school during these we week its forbidden to drink liquors.
There are a lot police in the streets guarding people used to visit interesting place in the some city where the live. holly week can be celebrate in the month of march or April it doesn't have a fix date there is little people in the city some commercial center are closet some families used to gathered to gather and prepare special foods.


The seventh unit is about machines how we can use it and its functions.

A dryer hair.
An industrial robot.
We can use an industrial robot to sent to other planet to gaiter some prove about that planet. There are other industrial robot to realize homework's to help the housewife at home to and some industries use them in many differents works.
How to use it? some of them have an electrical brain other use some batteries tatty we have to recharge from time to time. Some of then requires spacials cares like a lubrication into it parts and it doesn't need water.
Water can be dangerous for them


The sixth unit is about apologizes and excuse it doesn't like me because I don't like to give excuse and to make a promise neither.

A.- Hi, last week you ask me for my red dress and you haven't returned yet.

B.- Oh sorry I forget it absolutely but don't worry I bring you inmediately.

A.- I hope it looks well and clean just ready for using.

B.- Oh sure it's very clean but there is a little problem you have to iron it because I don't have time now would you mind.

A.- Sure. so I promise you not to lend anything else .ok.

B.- I'm sorry.


The fifsth unit it makes me think about my hollyweek. All the thengs I need to enjoy this week . With my family.
For next vacations I'm goings to be away for a weeks I only have five days of vacations thinking colombia I would like to enjoy its beach. The are new beautiful: I need my credit cards a passport a big suitcase and some bathing swift and of course a good friend to append good days.